Independent Dorset Poster Campaign: Construction


Having finalized the design of the poster, we decided to create a 3D version using acetate. We printed each layer of the design onto a layer of acetate attached each of these layers onto a frame one in front of another.

construction tape

During this process, we noticed that this made the poster quite dark, so we decided to put LED lights in the back layers of the poster to illuminate the front layers.

construction2 frame2 hill

We experimented with the placement of the lights in the frame. Originally we wanted to place the lights behind the mountain in order to create the effect of a sun rising behind the mountain. However, during testing this did not work very well and we decided instead to place the lights around the frame.


Here’s the result of the end of our manual testing. We decided to add a layer of tracing paper over the lights so that they weren’t so bright and the light was spread around the image more. We might play around more with trying to get the text brighter as it is still quite hard to read in some areas. Placing the lights around the frame does make the poster stand out more in dark areas, however this style of lighting also has connotations, for me at least, of the style of advertising used in Hollywood’s “Golden Era” and so does not quite fit the theme for the poster.


Although made out of layers, the end result is quite flat due to the layer of glass in front of all the acetate layers. Another method we could have used, which might have been more successful in creating a 3D effect would be to build the layers out of card and glue them together onto a bigger box, as is used in tatebanko paper dioramas, (which can be seen here This would have created a more 3D effect but it would have also increased the construction time and skill needed and the end result would also have been more fragile, which might not have survived well in a public space.

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