Team Romania


Recently I was approached by Team Romania to make logo for the Roller Derby World Cup in February 2018. I was given this initial drawing by Alina Ursurelu. The logo needed to be put into a digital format for print and social media use.

Digital version of the drawing. I had the colours completely wrong, as we tried to liaise purely through text. Very kindly, Alina coloured in a version which made it easier to colour.



This is the final version of the logo. I decided to keep it in quite a flat style as it was going to be used in a lot of low resolution


Here’s a black and white version of the logo. It probably won’t be used much and in hindsight I should have possibly inverted the colours on the outer ring to create more of a contrast.



Here is me playing around with a fun merch design to be used for stickers/badges etc. I tried to make it cute and appealing but if I did it again I would probably add more detail and some texture.

Team Romania also needed a program page design. I was given two starting points: clouds/smoke with a red and black theme or a movie poster.


Trying out some different styles with red and black as the given colour theme. I used some stock images of smoke and changed the colour and level values, adding red and colours to the image. I also experimented with white as a base colour.


Another starting point was using movie posters for inspiration, seeing as the player photos would be in black and white. I looked at the classic Dracula movie poster with the curved and dripping fonts. If this design was to be taken further I would probably experiment with a “noir” style of inking, only using black and white as my values and with creating a more dramatic backdrop.


This is the final version of the program page. If I had more time I would probably have played around with integrating the headshots into the page more and making the sponsored section stand out a bit more.

I wish Team Romania all the best in the World Cup! If you want to find out more about it the Facebook page can be found here: