User Testing on Types of Games

I wanted to see what kind of approach to take with the app part of my project so I decided to do some user testing on different types of interaction with step data I needed to find out what kind of approach is best to encourage people to not only do more activity but regularly exercise every day. I made three different types of web applications based on a user profile where users can add in their daily steps to test how people interacted differently with each one.


The first app compares the amount of steps walked from one day to the next. It shows an uplifting message if the user walked more than the last day, scolds them if they walked less.



The second app gives rewards for milestones after a user accumulates an amount of steps over time.


The third app lets users know what position they are in the leader board compared to other users.

20151128_075403 20151128_075416

I am going to give users pedometers and ask them to use each one of the apps for a week, and afterwards tell me their thoughts on the different methods.