Initial Audience Research

In order to find out more about my customer base, I decided to do some primary research into my target audience. I decided to use an informal interview method which is structured more like a normal conversation than as a traditional interview (, 2015). As some of the subject were children and this method would be less pressurized than a formal interview. It also allowed them to speak more freely on their own point of view.

The subjects that I chose to interview were the daughters of friends I have met through the sport I play. I also interviewed the mother’s on their experiences as hopefully my product is also going to encourage parents to take an interest in their children’s activity levels. Below are some quotes I recorded from our conversations.

Firstly we discussed thoughts on being active, such as P.E. in school but also activities outside of school.

I used to like P.E. when I was in primary school. It was fun and there was no pressure. But when I got to secondary school it seemed like there was more division between being “good” and “bad” at something. I always feel like I’m being judged. I hate being forced to do sports. I’d rather do something I like. I hate wearing my PE kit, I just hate P.E in general.

-Female, age 13

This interviewee clearly disliked the competitive nature of many sports programs which is something I could investigate during my project, whether competitive games can have a negative effect.

I like going skating with my mum. P.E. is ok but I like skating more. I get to do what I want.

-Female, age 7

Clearly choice in activity is very important in making physical activity an enjoyable experience.

We also discussed what kind of toys they liked so I could get an understanding of what direction my project might want to take.

I like Skylanders, I like collecting the different figures. I also like playing apps on my mum’s tablet… I like the My Little Pony app the most.

I have toys but play with my Nintendo DS more.

-Female, 7


Skylanders is a type of figurine that can be used to play a console game. The figure corresponds to a character in the game. 

This research shows that incorporating physical and digital elements can be successful in a toy, and may even be more popular than traditional toys.

I also asked about apps and digital technology, and what was popular at the moment.

I probably use Snap Chat the most. It’s funny seeing stuff from your friends and editing pictures and stuff.

-Female, 13

This shows that humour is probably a good way to get the older end of my demographic interested in the product, as well as having a sharing element which might encourage a community around the product.

I also asked parents on their thoughts on their children’s activity levels. Concern about the use of digital technology seemed a very common concern:

I worry about how much my daughter uses her phone. When I was her age I used to walk to my friends and go shopping or to the cinema. She just seems more interested in Snap Chat or whatever it is.

-Female, 43

Clearly parents seem to be interested in the activity levels on thier children, however incorporating this into an app that the both of them can use might be quite hard as the parents seemed to be less interested in games and apps that their children where interested in.

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