Libby Odai: Elias of Dereham Evaluation

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Overall, although our project has met quite a few problems, the outcome is very successful. Testing the final product people seem to really enjoy the game, especially liking the game play and the art style.

Some of the most challenging things I found working on this project was using Swift and XCode. Some of these problems I identified at the very start of the project did in fact slow down the production process by quite a bit. I think I will wait a while for Swift to stabilize a bit more as a programming language before developing in it again.

Working on a game was quite fun and I learned a lot about game development and programming in general from this. However the time I spent doing this was quite rushed and I wish I had more time to fully research everything and make the code and the gameplay as efficient as possible. It is interesting to see how different the actual code it from my original plans as I had to take quite a few shortcuts to make the game be finished in time. I also would have liked to have been able to work more closely with another developer as I feel this would have sped up the coding process immensely.

One of the things I feel we did not do so well with on this project was keeping the group organized and making sure everyone know what they were doing when. We should have finalized our designs a lot earlier so that we would have had more time to test the game. I should have stuck more to the development project practices I identified earlier in the project and set hard deadlines when things should have been done by.

I think that we all worked well on the artstyle for the project. Hopefully my character designs also helped make this as effective as it is. I would also like to thank Sam for his project management, which really helped bring the project together.

One thing I would have done if we did this project again would be to test the game with the target audience as we did not have a chance to do that with this project. Hopefully children will like it as much as we do.

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