Adding Objects, Bug Testing and Changing Losing

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 15.12.22
Testing the objects I put into the scene

Next was to place the jumpable objects we had created into the scene. After creating an invisible floor and giving Elias a dynamic physics body we I was ready to start putting them in.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 15.47.07
Me opening the full background spread and guidelines to figure out the pixel placement of the objects

I knew this was going to be quite a long process as there were a lot of objects to place in the game so I used rulers in photoshop to calculate the pixel placement of each of the objects from their place in the full spread of the background. This was a far more efficient process than by using trial and error to place the objects and greatly sped up my workflow.

One problem I found during this process was that objects that were off from the starting screen were not appearing. After using println I could see that they were being called, however I could not see them on the screen. After struggling with this problem for a while, I asked someone to look over my code to see if they could see the problem. The solution was actually very simple, the floor I had created was not big enough and the objects were falling off the screen before the user could see them. This showed me how important it is for people to continually collaborate and get a fresh pair of eyes on the code when programming, as it is easy to overlook something simple when you do not have two viewpoints.

As discussed in our game design document we decided to make Elias lose the game after touching an object. However during testing I found this far too hard. Instead we decided to make Elias lose the game after being pushed to the back of the screen by getting caught by an object. This gave the player far more chances to make mistakes and not lose the game, and also it made sense in the story of the game. If Elias gets caught behind something and goes offscreen, he is not running forward and cannot deliver the Magna Carta. However this also means that we may need to place more objects in the game in order for it to be as challenging.