Client Feedback

Before we properly started making the game,, we thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback of the finalization of our idea and if there was anything they would like to change. We sent off the text of our game with a description.

The main feedback we got was that from the game it seemed like the Magna Carta instantly and dramatically changed England which was not the case. This was probably due to us being intentionally vague with the ending of the game. After some consideration, we decided to add a few more lines of text to explain that the Magna Carta was the beginning of a bigger change. Hopefully this will solve this problem, however it is hard to fully explain the intricacies of the Magna Carta given such a small space, (this section of the game is only a few screens long, so we can only use a line to explain how the Magna Carta changed England).

Another note from the feedback was some of the wording used might be a bit complex for young children to understand. For example we used the word “dowry” which would need explaining. Thankfully this was easily changed.

With a few changes to our text we were ready to start properly producing the game backgrounds knowing that the client was confident in the product.