Visiting Salisbury Cathedral


The course took a trip to Salisbury Cathedral to gain inspiration for our app ideas. We we led around the cathedral by some tour guides to learn more about the history of the Cathedral and the Magna Carta.

A tomb in the cathedral

One of the main things I noticed when being toured around the cathedral was the emphasis on the stories of particular people who were buried there or had something to do with the cathedral. This helped visitors to remember information and was much more interesting, in my opinion than random trivia, or a list of events and dates. I could use this in my app idea and try and base the app around the stories of historical figures.

A consecration cross in a window arch

Whilst looking around the cathedral I did my best to pick out features that could be used for my photoscrapbook idea. An obvious choice would be one of these consecration crosses that are dotted around the cathedral. They form a very distinctive clover-like shape which would be ideal to form an “outline” for a photograph.

Graffiti on the wall of the cathedral

Another choice would be the graffiti left by various people over the ages. However, as with all my photographs, I would have to do extensive testing to make sure my app could pick up the features of the landmark being photographed under a variety of light and weather conditions. Another consideration I need to make is the height from which I am taking photographs. As children are shorter, they may not be able to take photographs at the angle I can if I stand up, so it might be useful for me to crouch when I take my photographs.

The cathedral’s activity guide book

One thing I was particularly interested in was the cathedral’s own visitor material, especially that aimed at children. This would be useful in designing my app as I can gauge the kind of image and tone the cathedral wants to project to its younger audiences. Helpfully, the cathedral had an activity guide book for children .

The activity book has a map designed for children that has the locations of various landmarks in the cathedral as well as bits of trivia about them.


Closeups of the activity book. The book has boxes where children can input answers to questions and draw.

The leaflet already has a well thought out and interesting activity trail for children so if I do make my idea, it would be helpful to work with the cathedral and see if I could expand on this idea.

Puzzles on the back of the booklet

I also found it interesting that the activity trail booklet had some activities that were not to do with the trail, and presumably would require the child to find somewhere to sit or stand for a period of time to complete, such as a coloring in puzzle and a word search. This mix of having a trail to follow and having puzzles that don’t need to be completed on the trail might be beneficial as it allows children to be entertained if they somehow can’t get on the trail. This could be used in my app, where where I give trivia of the objects people are to photograph I could give them another task to complete.